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Always On with Duncan MacPherson Podcast - Episode 42
2023-06-29 • 20 second read

Unlocking Financial Impact and Legacy with Ted Jenkin

The Power of Partial Sale for Financial Advisors’ Business Transition

In this insightful podcast, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Ted Jenkin, CEO of oXYGen Financial and they explore the substantial financial impact that advisors can realize over time through a structured buyout, offering a promising path to a secure future.

Discover how this unique strategy not only secures financial well-being but also positively shapes their legacy through a slower and more deliberate transition out of the business.

Key Highlights:

  • Financial Empowerment: Uncover the significant financial benefits that advisors can experience through a structured buyout, ensuring a favorable long-term financial impact.
  • Legacy Transformation: Learn how the Partial Sale approach provides advisors with the opportunity to shape their legacy positively and leave a lasting impact on their clients and the industry.
  • Amplifying Business Growth: Discover how focusing on their business after the initial partial sale can amplify overall buyout potential, unlocking exponential growth and value.
  • Step-by-Step Transition: Navigate the strategic journey of a Partial Sale, gaining insights into the carefully crafted process that allows for a gradual and successful transition.
  • Sustained Success: Explore how embracing a Partial Sale paves the way for sustained success, positioning advisors for continued growth even after the full business transition.

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