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Always On with Duncan MacPherson Podcast - Episode 37
2023-03-16 • 20 second read

Avoiding a Plateau: A Case Study in Professional Contrast and Scarcity with Terry Gronbeck-Jones

This can require advisors to adopt changes that seem counterintuitive at first - such as disassociating from certain clients.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson talks to Terry Gronbeck-Jones, co-founder of Mindset Consulting and a business development consultant at Pareto Systems. They highlight the benefits of right-sizing and explain how to approach it effectively.

They discuss:

  • Major barriers to right-sizing (and how to overcome them)
  • How to communicate your decision to disassociate with clients such that it enhances your brand
  • How to position your network of COIs in front of clients
  • Hidden opportunities in questions such as “What do you do for a living?” or “Do you have a minimum?”
  • And more

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