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2023-06-01 • 2 min read

Unlock Your Growth Potential with Powerful Video Marketing

Discover the Art of Video Marketing and Transform Your Business!

Thursday, June 8th 12:00 PM ET

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Are you an advisor searching for innovative ways to stand out, connect with your audience, and attract your ideal clients? Look no further! Join us for an exclusive webinar where we unveil the secrets of leveraging the immense power of video.

In this engaging session, Duncan MacPherson and Katie Braden will guide you step-by-step on how to harness the potential of authentic and impactful video marketing. Whether you operate in person, virtually, or embrace a hybrid approach, video can revolutionize your growth and make a remarkable difference.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Kickstart Your Video Marketing Journey
  • Maximize Your ROI
  • Unleash the Power of ChatGPT
  • Make Weekly Video Creation Your Best Investment

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy and elevate your business to new heights. Secure your spot today by registering for this free webinar!

Can’t make it, but don’t want to miss out? Don’t worry, register now and ask your question, and we will give you access to the recording following the broadcast.

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2023-06-02 • 20 second read

Some advisors overly fixate on building more money for their clients. However, the goal is to build better lives - which can mean different things for different clients!

And how can advisors build better lives for their clients?

By engaging them in deeper relationships, actively listening to their needs, and enabling them to make the right choices.

If you want to improve your client relationships, learn how in this new episode of Always On. Tune in to the full episode now (or download for later!):

2023-05-31 • 1 min audio

Where AI falls short in financial services…

Play this short clip from the latest episode of the Always On podcast, where Tyson Ray explains why advisors might have an edge over AI in relationship management!

To learn more about strategies for improving your client relationships, stream the full episode here:

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2023-05-30 • 20 second read

Everyone has some goals in life that they get super excited about. Your clients have it too. Perhaps they have their own bucket list.

Are you helping them get closer to their needs every day?

This week on the Always On podcast, Tyson Ray and I discuss how you can take your relationship management to the next level through “needs-based planning.”

Tune in now by clicking here:

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2023-05-29 • 20 second read

Pareto Coaches Round Table - How to Attract Business Owners

Thursday, June 6th at 12:00 PM ET

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Take a peek behind the curtain with the Pareto Systems’ coaching team in our first ever ‘Public’ Round-Table Discussion. Stemming from the overwhelming interest we received from the ‘How to Attract Business Owners’ webinar last month, Duncan and some of our coaching bench continue the conversion going deeper into: 

  • Finding your Business Owner Client Niche
  • Building Credibility with Business Owners
  • Creating a Value-Added Support Team

Featuring Pareto Certified Business Coaches:

  • Scott Hamilton
  • Terry Gronbeck-Jones 
  • Mike "Cy" Cajthaml, Sr.
  • Sherri Palle 
  • and Duncan MacPherson

Join Duncan for this informative Go-to-Webinar webcast. Register Now:

2023-05-29 • 4 min video

"When you commemorate the family members of your clients and things that are going on in their life, it really stands out and you build a relationship with that next generation."

For more on this, and other actionable best practices, download Chapter 1 from my new book "The Blue Square Method" today at

2023-05-26 • 1 min video

Acquisitions can be dangerous if advisors do not consider the needs of the clients being transferred!

If you are an advisor looking to acquire a business, we encourage you to play the short clip below.

In this short clip from the most recent episode of Always On, guest Tyson Ray highlights a key challenge of acquiring a business and how clients can be left out of the process.

Stream the entire episode here:

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2023-05-25 • 20 second read

The Total Relationship: The Best Value-Add Advisors Can Offer with Tyson Ray

The biggest value-add advisors offer to their clients does not lie in the rates of return or complex financial reports. It lies in the advisor-client relationship!

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson speaks with Tyson Ray, CFP®, CExP®, CIMA®, founding partner at FORM Wealth Advisors, about the concept of Total Relationship and how it can help you grow your business organically — while maintaining a sense of purpose.

They discuss:

  • Why relationship-based growth might be better than growing through acquisitions
  • Areas where financial advisors add significantly greater value than AI coaching
  • Strategies to improve relationship management (For example, Up or Down™ by Tyson)
  • What it means to create true wealth for clients
  • And more

Stream the new episode of Always On by clicking here:

2023-05-22 • 1 min video

“…adjusting and pivoting to the realities of today. And even the best laid plans don’t always come forth like we expect them to…”

This is an excerpt from episode 39 of the ‘Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast with guest Sherri Palle, Certified Business Consultant at Pareto Systems.

Stream the entire newest episode, and find links to previous episodes, by clicking here:

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2023-05-18 • 20 second read

What a crew!

In Denver with Ryan Edwards, Jake Rigert, Mark Friend and Michael Leyden all with First Trust discussing The Blue Square Method with a high caliber group of Financial Professionals...

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