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2023-03-31 • 20 second read

If you want to find out what the value of your practice is and what your options are, you take it to the market. Now, maybe you’re not going to sell it today, but the market always speaks. It will tell you the exact value of your practice because somebody’s going to put an offer on the table. You may think it’s worth X, and they may think it’s worth Y, but the truth of it is the market’s going to tell you what your practice is worth.

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2023-03-30 • 20 second read

How to Maximize Your Life’s Work & Retire Happy

In this fast-paced webinar, Duncan MacPherson was joined by Sherri Palle, one of Pareto’s most experienced Coaches. Sherri has worked with many Pareto clients on preparing for their succession and building out their exit plans, ensuring they capitalize on their life’s work.

Sherri and Duncan discussed:

  • What are the highest contributors to building enterprise value?
  • What can I start doing now to plan for my eventual exit?
  • How do I ensure my legacy is intact long after my exit?

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2023-03-29 • 20 second read

There’s a very simple mantra that every business is built to be sold. We all know the concept of forced savings, using a reliable process to create a nest egg for ourselves, and we advise our clients to do the same. Every investment of effort you make working on your business contributes to "forced savings." A synergy arises when you do this, and things come together to drive your enterprise value.

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2023-03-28 • 2 minute read

Through many market cycles over the years, I’ve been saying that a good financial advisor is at his or her highest level of refer-ability during times of volatility. Money becomes more topical and many people start to have nagging doubts about the track they are on - both in terms of their current advisor and financial plan…

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2023-03-24 • 20 second read

Have you considered going franchise ready - or are you already in the process? At Pareto Systems we help clients transition from an organic growth model to a scalable growth model - with minimal friction.

Many transitioning clients ask us “How can I find someone that aligns with my team, will contribute to our growth strategy, and will continue with us for the long-term?” Through our Building Exception Teams process, we help set many Advisory Teams up for the best possible outcomes.

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2023-03-23 • 1 min video

Centers of Influence (COIs) might be a good source of referrals for many advisors.

However, when you are referring to your network of COIs in front of a client, how do you position it? In other words, does your client see the benefit in being introduced to your professional network?

Listen to this short clip from the Always On podcast to hear about a better way to position COIs in front of clients and prospects. Stream the entire episode by clicking here:

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2023-03-22 • 20 second read

Growing up-market, consistently attracting very attractive clients and all the considerations that go into that, include sometimes growing down and either automating certain relationships, allocating certain relationships to different people on the bench, or in some cases, disassociating completely.

Tune into the latest episode of Always On, where Pareto Systems Business Consultant Terry Gronbeck-Jones shares how he helps financial advisory teams improve and grow their business by clicking here:

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2023-03-21 • 2 minute read

by Duncan MacPherson

Use my summary of John Kenneth Galbraith’s book A Short History of Financial Euphoria to add impact to your messaging to be compelling and attractive to clients:

As a financial advisor, you know all about the distinction between the message and the messenger. The message is more about the products and services you represent. The messenger is more about you and your ability to be the voice of reason to clients during times of intense turbulence and uncertainty....

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2023-03-20 • 2 minute read

"We’ve made the decision to grow down, to grow down our client count, so that we could elevate the client experience."

This is an excerpt from episode 37 of the ’Always On with Duncan MacPherson’ podcast with guest Terry Gronbeck-Jones.

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2023-03-17 • 20 second read

In a recent conversation with a client, I told them, ’I want you to set a goal to have 52 long weekends. And in the next five years, I want you to set a goal to have a six-month sabbatical.’

Your business is supposed to serve your life, not the other way around! But how can you achieve that? How do you build processes and systems where you don’t have to be actively involved all the time?

Pareto Systems Business Consultant Terry Gronbeck-Jones and Duncan MacPherson discuss how to make this happen in the latest episode of Always On.

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