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2023-11-01 • 2 min video

Do you want to multiply your ideal clients?

A powerful way to do that is by organizing “ideal client meetings.”

Check out this short clip to learn what an ideal client meeting is and why it’s highly impactful.

For a more in-depth conversation about multiplying your ideal clients and boosting referrals, stream the full episode here:

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2023-10-31 • 20 second read

The Intersection of the Blue Square and Blue Zone

From the boardwalks of Atlantic City to the shores of Okinawa, Japan, the concept of purposeful living and work is more resonant than ever. Today, I’d like to explore the confluence of two profound ideas - the Blue Square Method and the Ikigai.

You might wonder how a bustling city in South Jersey relates to a serene Japanese principle of fulfillment. As I recently mused over the redevelopments of Atlantic City, I was reminded of the continuous

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2023-10-30 • 3 minute video

Join Duncan in Atlantic City as he melds the Japanese concept of Ikigai with the Blue Square Method. Discover the balance between life’s purpose and professional achievement, emphasizing a business that serves life.

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2023-10-27 • 2 minute video

“If you could add one thing to your client experience with us, what would it be?”

This is a powerful question to uncover your clients’ needs. But sometimes, the client may tell you, “There’s nothing I can think of.” In that case, instead of simply celebrating that everything seems fine, take it as an opportunity to reposition your value!

This short clip explains how. 

Check out my full conversation with Steve Phillips here:

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2023-10-26 • 20 second read

Make Your Clients the Voice with Steve Phillips

Have you ever stepped into your clients’ shoes to see your business from their point of view? Understanding how they perceive your value is key to building lasting relationships.

In this episode, Duncan MacPherson engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Steve Phillips, Chief Practice Management and Development Officer at USA Financial and a consultant at Pareto Systems. Together, they explore strategies for effectively articulating your value proposition and turning clients into enthusiastic advocates.

They also discuss:

  • Three golden questions to ask your existing clients
  • The path from endorsements to introductions (i.e., quality referrals)
  • How “client advisory councils” and “ideal client meetings” can rejuvenate your relationships and generate valuable feedback
  • Powerful ways to position (not pitch!) your value to clients
  • And more

Stream the new episode of Always On by clicking here:

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2023-10-25 • 20 second read

First Trust continues to invest in the guardians of wealth - the financial advisor - aka the noble profession. And Duncan will continue to show up to share the mindset and best practices of the best fee-for-service professionals in the world!

2023-10-23 • 4 min video

Join Duncan McPherson of Pareto Systems as he chats with the esteemed Jackie Wilke from First Trust portfolios in Atlanta. Discover the game-changing "20-minute ask anything session" strategy that’s reshaping client interactions. Dive into the importance of proactive communication and learn how to elevate the client experience. Don’t miss Jackie’s invaluable insights; follow her on LinkedIn and tap into the future of financial advising today!

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For more on this, and other actionable best practices, download Chapter 1 from Duncan’s book "The Blue Square Method" today at

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2023-10-19 • 20 second read

To whom are you going to hand the torch to ensure your clients are in good hands? And many generations within those families are well looked after. Well, the point here is that as you go from where you are, to where you’re going to inevitably end up, it’s not a straight line. There are peaks and valleys, there’s winds, there’s setbacks, and through that, there’s a signal to noise ratio...

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2023-10-18 • 2 min video

Your clients will always remember how you make them “feel.” And if it’s a positive feeling, such as financial liberation, they will likely acknowledge your impact in front of their friends and family!

This short clip from the most recent “Always On Podcast” featuring Matt Cardella provides an example.

Check out my full conversation with Matt here:

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2023-10-17 • 2 minute read

The Case for Stewardship Over Salesmanship

When it comes to client acquisition and business development, the most enlightened philosophy is that of stewardship, not salesmanship. Salesmanship asks a client to buy something, chasing them with closing techniques and trying to convince them to take action. It often over-promises and under-delivers. Stewardship asks a client to buy into something, attracting them with a process-driven, win-win approach, and letting them come to their own conclusions - convincing themselves with reason and self-motivation…

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